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Renters Insurance

Taking on the renter's life comes with its list of pros and cons. It is ideal for many residents, however, because of the minimal responsibility that comes with renting and the flexibility to move around at the expiration of a lease. While you are taking advantage of this lifestyle, our team at Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc has a policy that could help you cushion your finances for those unexpected experiences.

Liability Coverage

Even if you do rent, the home insurance policy carried by the owner does not cover any incidents that happen while you are staying there. When your guests come over, they become your responsibility. If someone is hurt on your property and needs medical attention, you could be held financially responsible. With renter’s insurance, you will have the financial flexibility to handle the situation with ease.

Property Protection

The property within a rented dwelling is often the property of the landlord. Any appliances, furniture, clothing, and other valuable items brought with you during the move or purchased by you is your property. Unfortunately, rental properties fall victim to thefts throughout the country. If you would like to have financial assistance during this time, then renter’s insurance is what you need.

Relocation Protection

Sometimes the damage that is suffered to the property may require significant renovations. Because of this, you will not be able to stay at the property and need to relocate for the time being. With renter’s insurance, you can get assistance covering these relocation fees until you are either able to return to the property or sign a new lease on another rental property. Without this policy, you would be forced in many cases to maintain your current lease and cover relocation costs.

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While this may be a monthly investment for you, consider the financial cushion you would receive during unexpected events. Our agents at Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc are ready to assist you with your policy needs.

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