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Flood Insurance

Even if you live away from the coast in your state, it is still possible to suffer catastrophic water damage to your home from a wide range of other causes. Only flood insurance from Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc will help you when the waters are rising after Spring run-off or a torrential Summer storm. Designed to pick up where your home insurance falls short, it is a wide choice for many homeowners.

Protecting Your Property from More than Hurricanes

Besides hurricane season's impact, there are other weather systems and natural catastrophes capable of driving a river through your home without warning. Flood insurance gives you a way to rebuild after facing water damage from:

  • Storm run off when the ditches and street drainage overflows
  • Flooding rivers and streams
  • Tidal surge from a severe ocean storm
  • Rising groundwater--the flood can be miles away!

If your home lies in a high-risk area as determined by the government, your mortgage company may require you to have flood insurance.

A Smart Choice for Your Home, Possessions, and Future

Even if you are not required to carry flood insurance, it can be a wise investment if your property is situated near any active body of water. Should you suffer damage from a flood, your policy can help defray the cost of rebuilding and replacing lost appliances, HVAC systems, and debris removal. Working in conjunction with your standard home insurance policy, you will be better able to protect your savings accounts and withstand the trauma of the catastrophic event.

If you would like to learn more about flood insurance, mandatory requirements, and how it can help protect your home, schedule an appointment with Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc today. We can provide you with the real-world statistics that pertain to your neighborhood to help you make the best possible decision for your family and property.

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