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Condo Insurance

The condo lifestyle is a growing trend in America among lifelong professionals and those just entering the professional workforce. Having a space to call your own with shared maintenance of the property's community areas is ideal. In many states, most condo communities are associated with an HOA that carries a community insurance policy. Unfortunately, it does not cover personal property or incidents within your personal space. With Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc, you can get the condo insurance you need for that protection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Should your personal condo be attacked by a burglar or vandal, you will be responsible for repairing any damage done to the condo during the attack and replacing anything that was stolen. With condo insurance, you can shift that responsibility to your policy with a claim and have them cover both the repairs and the stolen property.

Condo Property Damage

If the interior of your condo is damaged due to an accidental fire or natural event that was beyond your control, then your condo insurance policy will cover the damage. Because that is personal property, however, the master HOA policy that you have will oftentimes not cover anything unless community pipes or the shared external area is involved. Without your own condo insurance policy, you will be responsible for covering the difference in damage.


Any insurance policy is not complete without liability, including condo insurance. Any time you have guests over, no matter who they are to, an accident could happen where they could be hurt. If you are found responsible for medical costs or damages to personal property, then you will have to cover those expenses either on your own or with a liability claim through your condo insurance.

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Get the coverage you need today when it comes to condo insurance. This policy gives you a level of financial insulation so that you can enjoy the best your state has to offer. Feel free to reach out to our team at Massabni Insurance & Financial Inc with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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